Unit Price
Context English Persian State
report:account.invoice: Date: تاریخ:
report:account.invoice: Description شرح
report:account.invoice: Description: توضیحات :
report:account.invoice: Draft Invoice پیش نویس صورتحساب
report:account.invoice: Invoice N°: صورتحساب N°:
report:account.invoice: Payment Term نحوه پرداخت
report:account.invoice: Pro forma Invoice صورتحساب پیش فاکتور
report:account.invoice: Quantity مقدار/تعداد
report:account.invoice: Reference مرجع
report:account.invoice: Supplier Invoice N°: صورتحساب تامین کننده N°:
report:account.invoice: Tax مالیات
report:account.invoice: Taxes مالیات ها
report:account.invoice: Taxes: مالیات ها :
report:account.invoice: Total (excl. taxes): مجموع (بدون احتساب مالیات) :
report:account.invoice: Total: مجموع :
report:account.invoice: Unit Price قیمت واحد
selection:account.invoice,state: Cancelled لغو شده
selection:account.invoice,state: Draft پیش‌نویس
selection:account.invoice,state: Paid پرداخت شده
selection:account.invoice,state: Posted ارسال شده
selection:account.invoice,state: Validated تایید شده
selection:account.invoice,type: Customer مشتری
selection:account.invoice,type: Supplier تامین کننده
selection:account.invoice.line,type: Comment اظهار نظر
selection:account.invoice.line,type: Line خط
selection:account.invoice.line,type: Subtotal زیرمجموع
selection:account.invoice.line,type: Title عنوان,type: Overpayment پرداخت,type: Partial Payment پرداخت جزئی,type: Write-Off سوخت شده
selection:account.invoice.payment_term.line,type: Fixed درست شد
This translation Translated Tryton/account_invoice قیمت واحد
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated Tryton/purchase_request_quotation قیمت واحد
Translated Tryton/sale قیمت واحد
Translated Tryton/purchase_request_quotation قیمت واحد
Translated Tryton/purchase قیمت واحد
Translated Tryton/purchase قیمت واحد
Translated Tryton/purchase قیمت واحد
Needs editing Tryton/sale_complaint قیمت واحد
Translated Tryton/sale قیمت واحد
Translated Tryton/sale_subscription قیمت واحد
Needs editing Tryton/stock قیمت واحد
Translated Tryton/purchase_requisition قیمت واحد
Translated Tryton/sale_complaint قیمت واحد
Needs editing Tryton/sale_complaint قیمت واحد
Translated Tryton/stock قیمت واحد
Not translated Tryton/purchase_amendment
Not translated Tryton/sale_amendment
Translated Tryton/account_invoice قیمت واحد
Translated Tryton/account قیمت واحد


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