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model:ir.message,text:msg_invoice_no_sequence To post invoice "%(invoice)s", you must define a sequence on fiscal year "%(fiscalyear)s".
model:ir.message,text:msg_invoice_number_after To number the invoice "%(invoice)s", you must set an accounting date after "%(date)s" because the sequence "%(sequence)s" has already been used for invoice "%(after_invoice)s".
model:ir.message,text:msg_invoice_pay_amount_greater_amount_to_pay You cannot add a partial payment on invoice "%(invoice)s" with an amount greater than the amount to pay "%(amount_to_pay)s".
model:ir.message,text:msg_invoice_payment_line_unique A payment line can be linked to only one invoice.
model:ir.message,text:msg_invoice_payment_lines_add_remove_paid You cannot add/remove payment lines on paid invoice "%(invoice)s".
model:ir.message,text:msg_invoice_payment_lines_greater_amount Payment lines amount on invoice "%(invoice)s" can not be greater than the invoice amount.
model:ir.message,text:msg_invoice_same_account_line You cannot use the same account "%(account)s" on invoice "%(invoice)s" and on line "%(lines)s".
model:ir.message,text:msg_invoice_tax_create You cannot add a tax to invoice "%(invoice)s" because it is posted, paid or cancelled.
model:ir.message,text:msg_invoice_tax_invalid The taxes on invoice "%(invoice)s" are not valid, you must save it again to force them to be recalculated.
model:ir.message,text:msg_invoice_tax_modify You cannot modify tax "%(tax)s" because its invoice "%(invoice)s" is posted, paid or cancelled.
model:ir.message,text:msg_payment_term_invalid_ratio_divisor The ratio and divisor are not consistent on line "%(line)s".
model:ir.message,text:msg_payment_term_missing_last_remainder To save payment term "%(payment_term)s", you must append a last remainder line.
model:ir.message,text:msg_payment_term_missing_remainder To compute terms, you must append a remainder line on payment term "%(payment_term)s".
model:ir.model.button,confirm:invoice_cancel_button Are you sure you want to cancel the invoices?
model:ir.model.button,confirm:invoice_post_button Are you sure you want to post the invoices?
model:ir.model.button,help:invoice_cancel_button Cancel the invoice
model:ir.model.button,help:invoice_validate_button Also known as Pro Forma
model:ir.model.button,string:invoice_cancel_button Cancel
model:ir.model.button,string:invoice_draft_button Draft
model:ir.model.button,string:invoice_pay_button Pay
model:ir.model.button,string:invoice_post_button Post
model:ir.model.button,string:invoice_validate_button Validate,name:rule_group_invoice User in company,name:rule_group_invoice_line User in company,name:rule_group_invoice_sequence User in company
model:ir.sequence.type,name:sequence_type_account_invoice Invoice,name:menu_invoice_in_form Supplier Invoices,name:menu_invoice_out_form Customer Invoices,name:menu_invoices Invoices,name:menu_payment_method_form Invoice Payment Methods,name:menu_payment_term_form Payment Terms


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