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field:account.credential.chorus,chorus_password: Password Contraseña
field:account.credential.chorus,chorus_service: Service Servicio
field:account.credential.chorus,company: Company Empresa
field:account.invoice.chorus,date: Date Fecha
field:account.invoice.chorus,invoice: Invoice Factura
field:account.invoice.chorus,number: Number Número
field:account.invoice.chorus,syntax: Syntax Sintaxis,chorus: Chorus Pro Chorus Pro,chorus: Send documents for this party through Chorus Pro Envía los documentos a este tercero mediante Chorus Pro
model:account.credential.chorus,name: Account Credential Chorus Credenciales contables de Chorus
model:account.invoice.chorus,name: Invoice Chorus Factura Chorus
model:ir.action,name:act_invoice_chorus_form Chorus Chorus
model:ir.message,text:msg_invoice_address_no_siret To create a Chorus invoice for "%(invoice)s", you must set a SIRET on address "%(address)s". Para crear una factura Chorus para "%(invoice)s", debe establecer un número SIRET en la dirección "%(address)s".
model:ir.message,text:msg_invoice_delete_sent You cannot delete Chorus invoice "%(invoice)s" because it is sent. No puede eliminar la factura Chorus "%(invoice)s" porque está enviada.
model:ir.message,text:msg_invoice_unique You can create only one Chorus invoice per invoice. Solo se puede crear una factura de Chorus por factura.,name:menu_invoice_chorus_form Chorus Chorus
selection:account.configuration,chorus_service: Production Producción
selection:account.configuration,chorus_service: Qualification Desarrollo
selection:account.credential.chorus,chorus_service: Production Producción
selection:account.credential.chorus,chorus_service: Qualification Desarrollo
selection:ir.cron,method: Send invoices to Chorus Envía las facturas a Chorus
view:account.configuration: Chorus Chorus
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Translated Tryton/account_fr_chorus


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