EC Operation List
Context English Estonian State,es_reported_with: Reported with Aruanne,es_vat_list_code: Spanish VAT List Code Hispaania KM nimekirja kood,aeat_report: AEAT Report AETA aruanne,aeat_report: AEAT Report AETA aruanne,es_ec_purchases_list_code: Spanish EC Purchase List Code Hispaania EC ostu nimekirja kood,es_reported_with: Reported With Aruanne,es_vat_list_code: Spanish VAT List Code Hispaania KM nimekirja kood,es_province_code: Spanish Province Code Hispaania maakonna kood
help:account.payment.journal,es_sepa_request_advancement: Check to receive payments before the payment date.,es_province_code: Set 99 for non Spanish parties. Määra 99 mitte-Hispaania osapooltele
model:account.reporting.aeat.start,name: Print AEAT Start Alusta AETA printi
model:account.reporting.es_ec_operation_list,name: EC Operation List EC operatsioonide nimekiri
model:account.reporting.es_ec_operation_list.context,name: EC Operation List Context EC operatsioonide nimekirja sisu
model:account.reporting.vat_list_es,name: Spanish VAT List Hispaania KM nimekiri
model:account.reporting.vat_list_es.context,name: Spanish VAT List Context Hispaania KM nimekirja sisu
model:ir.action,name:act_es_ec_operation_list_form EC Operation List EC operatsioonide nimekiri
model:ir.action,name:act_vat_list_form Spanish VAT List Hispaania KM nimekiri
model:ir.action,name:report_aeat_111 AEAT Model 111 AETA model 111
model:ir.action,name:report_aeat_115 AEAT Model 115 AETA mudel 115
model:ir.action,name:report_aeat_303 AEAT Model 303 AETA mudel 303
model:ir.action,name:report_aeat_347 AEAT Model 347 AETA mudel 347
model:ir.action,name:report_aeat_349 AEAT Model 349 AETA mudel 349
model:ir.action,name:wizard_print_aeat_report Print AEAT Prindi AETA
model:ir.message,text:msg_report_same_fiscalyear To generate the report the periods must be in the same fiscal year. Aruande loomiseks peavad perioodid olema samast majandusaastast.,name:menu_es_ec_operation_list EC Operation List EC operatsioonide nimekiri,name:menu_print_aeat Print AEAT Prindi AETA,name:menu_vat_list Spanish VAT List HIspaania KM nimekiri
selection:account.reporting.aeat.start,report: Model 111 Mudel 111
selection:account.reporting.aeat.start,report: Model 115 Mudel 115
selection:account.reporting.aeat.start,report: Model 303 Mudel 303,aeat_report: Model 111 Mudel 111
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Translated Tryton/account_es


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