Credit Limit
Context English Slovenian State,credit_limit_amount: Credit Limit Amount Znesek odobrenega limita,credit_limit_amounts: Credit Limit Amounts Znesek odobrenega limita,credit_limit_digits: Currency Digits Decimalke,company: Company Družba,credit_limit_amount: Credit Limit Amount Znesek odobrenega limita,credit_limit_digits: Currency Digits Decimalke,party: Party Partner
help:account.configuration,default_credit_limit_amount: The default credit limit amount for new customers.
help:account.configuration.default_credit_limit_amount,default_credit_limit_amount: The default credit limit amount for new customers.
help:account.dunning.level,credit_limit: Has reached the credit limit. Je odobreni limit dosežen?
model:account.configuration.default_credit_limit_amount,name: Account Configuration Default Credit Limit Amount Konfiguracija privzetega odobrenega limita
model:ir.message,text:msg_party_credit_limit_amount Party "%(party)s" has reached their credit limit of %(limit)s.
model:ir.message,text:msg_party_credit_limit_dunning Party "%(party)s" has reached the credit limit level of %(dunning)s.,name: Party Credit Limit Amount Partnerjev odobreni limit,name:group_credit_limit Account Credit Limit Account Credit Limit
view:account.configuration: Credit Limit Odobreni limit Credit Limit Odobreni limit
This translation Translated Tryton/account_credit_limit Odobreni limit
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated Tryton/account_credit_limit Odobreni limit
Translated Tryton/account_credit_limit Odobreni limit


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