Supplier Tax Rule
Context English Chinese (Simplified) State,amount: Amount 数额,base: Base 基数,description: Description 描述,legal_notice: Legal Notice 法律声明,tax: Tax
field:account.update_chart.start,account: Root Account 根账户,account_payable: Account Payable 应付账款账户,account_receivable: Account Receivable 应收账款账户,accounts: Accounts 账户,currency_digits: Currency Digits 货币有效数字,customer_tax_rule: Customer Tax Rule 客户税规则,payable: Payable 应付账款,payable_today: Payable Today 今日应付账款,receivable: Receivable 应收账款,receivable_today: Receivable Today 今日应收账款,supplier_tax_rule: Supplier Tax Rule 供应商税规则,account_payable: Account Payable 应付帐款账户,account_receivable: Account Receivable 应收账款账户,company: Company 公司,customer_tax_rule: Customer Tax Rule 客户税规则,party: Party 参与者,supplier_tax_rule: Supplier Tax Rule 供应商税规则
help:account.account,closed: Check to prevent posting move on the account. 选中后,禁止账户入账.
help:account.account,debit_type: The type used if not empty and debit > credit. 如果不为空并且借方 > 贷方,则使用此类型。
help:account.account,general_ledger_balance: Display only the balance in the general ledger report. 仅显示总分类帐报表中的余额.
help:account.account,reconcile: Allow move lines of this account to be reconciled. 允许对此帐户的记账凭证明细对账。
help:account.account,second_currency: Force all moves for this account
to have this secondary currency.
help:account.account,taxes: Default tax for manual encoding of move lines
for journal types: "expense" and "revenue".
help:account.account,template_override: Check to override template definition 选中后可重写模板定义
help:account.account.template,closed: Check to prevent posting move on the account. 选中后,禁止账户入账。
help:account.account.template,general_ledger_balance: Display only the balance in the general ledger report. 仅在总分类帐报表中显示余额。
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Supplier Tax Rule
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Supplier Tax Rule
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