Only include posted moves.
Context English Chinese (Simplified) State
help:account.account.template,closed: Check to prevent posting move on the account.
help:account.account.template,general_ledger_balance: Display only the balance in the general ledger report.
help:account.account.template,reconcile: Allow move lines of this account to be reconciled.
help:account.account.type,template_override: Check to override template definition 选中可重写模板定义
help:account.aged_balance.context,posted: Only include posted moves.
help:account.balance_sheet.comparision.context,posted: Only include posted moves.
help:account.balance_sheet.context,posted: Only include posted moves.
help:account.configuration,default_customer_tax_rule: Default customer tax rule for new parties.
help:account.configuration,default_supplier_tax_rule: Default supplier tax rule for new parties.
help:account.fiscalyear.create_periods.start,end_day: The day of the month on which periods end.
Months with fewer days will end on the last day.
help:account.fiscalyear.create_periods.start,interval: The length of each period, in months.
help:account.fiscalyear.renew.start,previous_fiscalyear: Used as reference for fiscalyear configuration.
help:account.fiscalyear.renew.start,reset_sequences: If checked, new sequences will be created. 如果选中,将创建新序列.
help:account.general_ledger.account.context,posted: Only included posted moves.
help:account.general_ledger.line.context,posted: Only included posted moves.
help:account.income_statement.context,posted: Only include posted moves.
help:account.move,post_number: Also known as Folio Number.
help:account.move.line,amount_second_currency: The amount expressed in a second currency. 用第二种货币表示的金额
help:account.move.line,maturity_date: This field is used for payable and receivable lines.
You can put the limit date for the payment.
help:account.move.line,second_currency: The second currency. 第二货币
help:account.move.line.template,amount: A python expression that will be evaluated with the keywords. 用关键字计算的python表达式.
help:account.move.line.template,description: Keywords values substitutions are identified by braces ('{' and '}').
help:account.move.line.template,party: The name of the 'Party' keyword. “party”关键字的名称.
help:account.move.print_general_journal.start,posted: Only include posted moves.
help:account.move.reconciliation,date: Highest date of the reconciled lines.
help:account.move.reconciliation,delegate_to: The line to which the reconciliation status is delegated.
help:account.move.template,date: Leave empty for today. 日期是今天的话,就空着
help:account.move.template,description: Keyword values substitutions are identified by braces ('{' and '}').
help:account.open_chart.start,fiscalyear: Leave empty for all open fiscal year. 对于所有未结会计年度,保留为空.
help:account.open_chart.start,posted: Only include posted moves.,amount: In company's currency. 以公司货币
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