Debit Type
Context English Slovenian State
field:account.account.deferral,currency_digits: Currency Digits Decimalke
field:account.account.deferral,debit: Debit Debet
field:account.account.deferral,fiscalyear: Fiscal Year Poslovno leto
field:account.account.deferral,second_currency: Second Currency Druga valuta
field:account.account.deferral,second_currency_digits: Second Currency Digits Decimalke druge valute,account: Account Konto,active: Active Aktivno,amount_second_currency: Amount Second Currency Znesek v drugi valuti,balance: Balance Saldo,closed: Closed Close,code: Code Šifra,company: Company Družba,credit: Credit Kredit,currency_digits: Currency Digits Decimalke,debit: Debit Debet,debit_type: Debit Type Debet,end_date: End Date Končni datum,name: Name Naziv,party: Party Partner,second_currency: Secondary Currency Druga valuta,second_currency_digits: Second Currency Digits Decimalke druge valute,start_date: Start Date Začetni datum,type: Type Tip
field:account.account.template,childs: Children Podkonti
field:account.account.template,closed: Closed Close
field:account.account.template,code: Code Šifra
field:account.account.template,debit_type: Debit Type Debet
field:account.account.template,deferral: Deferral Odlog
field:account.account.template,end_date: End Date Končni datum
field:account.account.template,general_ledger_balance: General Ledger Balance Bilance glavne knjige
field:account.account.template,name: Name Naziv
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Needs editing Tryton/account
Needs editing Tryton/account


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