Context English Slovenian State,amount: Base Osnova,amount: Tax Davek,operator: +,operator: - -,type: Credit Kredit,type: Invoice Račun,method: By Fiscal Year Po poslovnih letih,method: By Periods Po obdobjih,kind: Both Vse,kind: Purchase Nabava,kind: Sale Prodaja,type: Base Osnova,type: Tax Davek,type: Base Osnova,type: Tax Davek,kind: Both Vse,kind: Purchase Nabava,kind: Sale Prodaja,kind: Both Vse,kind: Purchase Nabava,kind: Sale Prodaja,type: Fixed Fiksen,type: None Brez,type: Percentage Odstoten
view:account.account.type: Comparison Primerjava
view:account.account: Children Podšifre
view:account.account: General Information Splošno
view:account.aged_balance.context: Terms Roki
view:account.configuration: Invoice Račun
view:account.configuration: Party Partner
view:account.create_chart.start: You can now create a chart of account for your company by selecting a chart of account template. Sedaj lahko izdelate kontni načrt za vašo družbo s pomočjo predloge.
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This translation Propagated Translated Tryton/account
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Translated Tryton/account
Translated Tryton/commission
Translated Tryton/account


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