Context English Portuguese State,name:menu_update_chart Update Chart of Accounts from Template Update Chart of Accounts from Template,name:menuitem_account_configuration Account Configuration Account Configuration,name: Party Account Conta da Pessoa,name:group_account Account Account,name:group_account_admin Account Administration Account Administration
report:account.aged_balance: + +
report:account.aged_balance: / /
report:account.aged_balance: Aged Balance for Balanço Histórico para
report:account.aged_balance: Balance Saldo
report:account.aged_balance: Company: Empresa:
report:account.aged_balance: Date: Data:
report:account.aged_balance: Party Pessoa
report:account.aged_balance: Print Date: Data de Impressão:
report:account.aged_balance: Total Total
report:account.aged_balance: User: Usuário:
report:account.aged_balance: at em
report:account.general_ledger: / /
report:account.general_ledger: : :
report:account.general_ledger: Balance Saldo
report:account.general_ledger: Company: Empresa:
report:account.general_ledger: Credit Crédito
report:account.general_ledger: Date Data
report:account.general_ledger: Debit Débito
report:account.general_ledger: Descr. Descr.
report:account.general_ledger: Fiscal Year: Exercício Fiscal:
report:account.general_ledger: From Date: Data de inicio:
report:account.general_ledger: From Period Período de Início
report:account.general_ledger: General Ledger Livro Razão
report:account.general_ledger: Move lançamento
report:account.general_ledger: Name Nome
report:account.general_ledger: Origin Origem
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Translated Tryton/account_asset em
Translated Tryton/account em
Translated Tryton/account em
Translated Tryton/account em


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