Context English Persian State
report:account.general_ledger: Fiscal Year: سال مالی :
report:account.general_ledger: From Date: از تاریخ :
report:account.general_ledger: From Period از دوره
report:account.general_ledger: General Ledger دفتر کل
report:account.general_ledger: Move جابجایی
report:account.general_ledger: Name نام
report:account.general_ledger: Origin مبداء
report:account.general_ledger: Print Date: تاریخ چاپ :
report:account.general_ledger: State وضعیت
report:account.general_ledger: To تا
report:account.general_ledger: Total مجموع
report:account.general_ledger: User: کاربر:
report:account.general_ledger: at در
report:account.move.general_journal: / /
report:account.move.general_journal: Account حساب
report:account.move.general_journal: Company: شرکت :
report:account.move.general_journal: Credit بستانکاری
report:account.move.general_journal: Date: تاریخ :
report:account.move.general_journal: Debit بدهی
report:account.move.general_journal: Description شرح
report:account.move.general_journal: Draft پیش‌نویس
report:account.move.general_journal: From Date: از تاریخ :
report:account.move.general_journal: General Journal روزنامه کل
report:account.move.general_journal: Journal Entry: ورودی روزنامه :
report:account.move.general_journal: Origin: مبداء :
report:account.move.general_journal: Posted ارسال شده
report:account.move.general_journal: Print Date: تاریخ چاپ :
report:account.move.general_journal: To Date: تا تاریخ :
report:account.move.general_journal: User: کاربر:
report:account.move.general_journal: at در
report:account.trial_balance: / /
This translation Translated Tryton/account شرکت :
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated Tryton/account شرکت :
Translated Tryton/account شرکت :
Translated Tryton/account شرکت :
Translated Tryton/account_asset شرکت :


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a year ago
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a year ago
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modules/account/locale/fa.po, string 892