Context English Spanish (Latin America) State
view:account.account: General Information
view:account.aged_balance.context: Terms
view:account.configuration: Invoice
view:account.configuration: Party
view:account.create_chart.start: You can now create a chart of account for your company by selecting a chart of account template. Ahora puede crear un plan de cuentas para su empresa seleccionando una plantilla de plan de cuentas.
view:account.fiscalyear.create_periods.start: every
view:account.fiscalyear.create_periods.start: months
view:account.fiscalyear: Periods Periods
view:account.fiscalyear: Sequences Secuencia
view:account.general_ledger.account: Credit Crédito
view:account.general_ledger.account: Debit Débito
view:account.general_ledger.account: End Balance Cartera vencida
view:account.general_ledger.account: Start Balance
view:account.general_ledger.line: Credit Crédito
view:account.general_ledger.line: Debit Débito
view:account.journal.period: Close Close
view:account.journal.period: Re-Open
view:account.move.line.template: Other Info
view:account.move.line: Credit Crédito
view:account.move.line: Debit Débito
view:account.move.line: Other Info
view:account.move.template: Template Plantilla % General Information % General Information
view:account.update_chart.succeed: Chart of accounts updated successfully. Account Cuenta Accounting Taxes
wizard_button:account.create_chart,account,create_account: Create
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Not translated Tryton/ir
Not translated Tryton/stock
Not translated Tryton/account_asset
Needs editing Tryton/account
Needs editing Tryton/account
Not translated Tryton/attendance
Not translated Tryton/sao
Not translated Tryton/account_invoice
Needs editing Tryton/account
Needs editing Tryton/account
Needs editing Tryton/account
Needs editing Tryton/account
Not translated Tryton/tryton
Not translated Tryton/ir
Not translated Tryton/account_fr
Not translated Tryton/production
Not translated Tryton/purchase_request_quotation


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