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model:ir.message,text:msg_period_same_sequence You cannot use the same post move sequence for the periods "%(first)s" and "%(second)s" because they are from different fiscal years.
model:ir.message,text:msg_post_empty_move To post move "%(move)s", you must fill in its lines.
model:ir.message,text:msg_post_unbalanced_move To post move "%(move)s", you must balance all its lines debits and credits.
model:ir.message,text:msg_reconciliation_account_not_reconcile To reconcile line "%(line)s", you must set its account "%(account)s" as reconcilable.
model:ir.message,text:msg_reconciliation_delete_delegated The reconciliation "%(reconciliation)s" is delegated to the line "%(line)s".
You may need to cancel its move "%(move)s".
model:ir.message,text:msg_reconciliation_different_accounts You cannot reconcile line "%(line)s" with others because its account "%(account1)s" is different from "%(account2)s". No puede conciliar la línea "%(line)s" porque la cuenta "%(account1)s" es diferente de "%(account2)s".
model:ir.message,text:msg_reconciliation_different_parties You cannot reconcile line "%(line)s" with others because its party "%(party1)s" is different from "%(party2)s". No puede conciliar la línea "%(line)s" porque el tercero "%(party1)s" es diferente de "%(party2)s".
model:ir.message,text:msg_reconciliation_line_not_valid You cannot reconcile non-valid line "%(line)s".
model:ir.message,text:msg_reconciliation_unbalanced To reconcile lines, they must have the same debit "%(debit)s" and credit "%(credit)s".
model:ir.message,text:msg_reopen_fiscalyear_later To reopen fiscal year "%(fiscalyear)s", you must reopen all later fiscal years.
model:ir.message,text:msg_tax_update_unit_price_with_parent You cannot set "Update Unit Price" on child tax "%(tax)s".
model:ir.message,text:msg_write_deferral You cannot modify any account deferrals.
model:ir.message,text:msg_write_reconciliation You cannot modify any reconciliation.
model:ir.model.button,confirm:fiscalyear_lock_button Are you sure you want to lock the fiscal year? ¿Está seguro que quiere cerrar el año fiscal?
model:ir.model.button,confirm:period_lock_button Are you sure you want to lock the period? Esta seguro que desea bloquear el periodo?
model:ir.model.button,string:fiscalyear_close_button Close Close
model:ir.model.button,string:fiscalyear_create_periods_button Create Periods Periods
model:ir.model.button,string:fiscalyear_lock_button Lock
model:ir.model.button,string:fiscalyear_reopen_button Re-Open
model:ir.model.button,string:move_post_button Post
model:ir.model.button,string:period_close_button Close Close
model:ir.model.button,string:period_lock_button Lock
model:ir.model.button,string:period_reopen_button Re-Open,name:rule_group_account User in company,name:rule_group_account_type User in company,name:rule_group_aged_balance User in company,name:rule_group_fiscalyear User in company,name:rule_group_general_ledger_account User in company,name:rule_group_general_ledger_account_party User in company,name:rule_group_general_ledger_line User in company,name:rule_group_period User in company
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Not translated Tryton/account_asset
Not translated Tryton/attendance
Not translated Tryton/sao
Not translated Tryton/account_invoice
Needs editing Tryton/account
Needs editing Tryton/account
Needs editing Tryton/account
Needs editing Tryton/account
Needs editing Tryton/account
Needs editing Tryton/account
Not translated Tryton/purchase_request_quotation
Not translated Tryton/tryton
Not translated Tryton/account_fr
Not translated Tryton/production
Not translated Tryton/ir
Not translated Tryton/stock
Not translated Tryton/ir


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