Debit Type
Context English Spanish State
field:account.account,active: Active Activo
field:account.account,amount_second_currency: Amount Second Currency Importe segunda moneda
field:account.account,balance: Balance Saldo
field:account.account,childs: Children Hijos
field:account.account,closed: Closed Cerrado
field:account.account,code: Code Código
field:account.account,company: Company Empresa
field:account.account,credit: Credit Haber
field:account.account,currency: Currency Moneda
field:account.account,currency_digits: Currency Digits Decimales de la moneda
field:account.account,debit: Debit Debe
field:account.account,debit_type: Debit Type Tipo Debe
field:account.account,deferral: Deferral Cierre
field:account.account,deferrals: Deferrals Cierres
field:account.account,end_date: End Date Fecha final
field:account.account,general_ledger_balance: General Ledger Balance Saldo en el libro mayor
field:account.account,left: Left Izquierda
field:account.account,name: Name Nombre
field:account.account,note: Note Nota
field:account.account,parent: Parent Padre
field:account.account,party_required: Party Required Tercero obligatorio
field:account.account,reconcile: Reconcile Conciliar
field:account.account,replaced_by: Replaced By Reemplazado por
field:account.account,right: Right Derecha
field:account.account,second_currency: Secondary Currency Moneda secundaria
field:account.account,second_currency_digits: Second Currency Digits Decimales de la segunda moneda
field:account.account,start_date: Start Date Fecha inicial
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The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated Tryton/account
Translated Tryton/account
Translated Tryton/account


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Tryton / accountSpanish

Debit Type
Tipo Debe
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Tryton / accountSpanish

Debit Type
Tipo Debe
10 months ago
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