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Context English State,customer_tax_rule: Customer Tax Rule,payable: Payable,payable_today: Payable Today,receivable: Receivable,receivable_today: Receivable Today,supplier_tax_rule: Supplier Tax Rule,account_payable: Account Payable,account_receivable: Account Receivable,company: Company,customer_tax_rule: Customer Tax Rule,party: Party,supplier_tax_rule: Supplier Tax Rule
help:account.account,closed: Check to prevent posting move on the account.
help:account.account,debit_type: The type used if not empty and debit > credit.
help:account.account,general_ledger_balance: Display only the balance in the general ledger report.
help:account.account,reconcile: Allow move lines of this account to be reconciled.
help:account.account,second_currency: Force all moves for this account
to have this secondary currency.
help:account.account,taxes: Default tax for manual encoding of move lines
for journal types: "expense" and "revenue".
help:account.account,template_override: Check to override template definition
help:account.account.template,closed: Check to prevent posting move on the account.
help:account.account.template,general_ledger_balance: Display only the balance in the general ledger report.
help:account.account.template,reconcile: Allow move lines of this account to be reconciled.
help:account.account.type,template_override: Check to override template definition
help:account.aged_balance.context,posted: Only include posted moves.
help:account.balance_sheet.comparision.context,posted: Only include posted moves.
help:account.balance_sheet.context,posted: Only include posted moves.
help:account.configuration,default_customer_tax_rule: Default customer tax rule for new parties.
help:account.configuration,default_supplier_tax_rule: Default supplier tax rule for new parties.
help:account.fiscalyear.create_periods.start,end_day: The day of the month on which periods end.
Months with fewer days will end on the last day.
help:account.fiscalyear.create_periods.start,interval: The length of each period, in months.
help:account.fiscalyear.renew.start,previous_fiscalyear: Used as reference for fiscalyear configuration.
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