Create Move from Template
Context English Czech State
model:account.journal,name:journal_stock Stock Stock
model:account.journal.open_cash.context,name: Journal Cash Context
model:account.journal.period,name: Journal - Period Journals - Periods
model:account.journal.sequence,name: Journal Sequence
model:account.move,name: Account Move Account Move
model:account.move.cancel.default,name: Cancel Moves Cancel Moves
model:account.move.line,name: Account Move Line Account Move Lines,name: Group Lines
model:account.move.line.template,name: Account Move Line Template Account Move Template
model:account.move.open_journal.ask,name: Open Journal Ask Open Journal
model:account.move.print_general_journal.start,name: Print General Journal Print General Journal
model:account.move.reconcile.write_off,name: Reconcile Write Off
model:account.move.reconcile_lines.writeoff,name: Reconcile Lines Write-Off
model:account.move.reconciliation,name: Account Move Reconciliation Lines Account Move Reconciliation
model:account.move.template,name: Account Move Template Account Move Template
model:account.move.template.create.keywords,name: Create Move from Template Create Move from Template
model:account.move.template.create.template,name: Create Move from Template Create Move from Template
model:account.move.template.keyword,name: Account Move Template Keyword
model:account.open_chart.start,name: Open Chart of Accounts Open Chart of Accounts
model:account.period,name: Period Periods,name: Reconcile,name: Account Tax Account Types,name: Tax Code Tax Codes,name: Tax Code Line,name: Tax Code Line Template Tax Codes Templates,name: Open Chart of Tax Codes Open Chart of Tax Codes,name: Tax Code Template Tax Codes Templates,name: Tax Group Tax Groups,name: Tax Line Tax Lines,name: Account Tax Line Template Account Move Template,name: Tax Rule Tax Rules
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Translated Tryton/account


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