Update Unit Price
Context English Bulgarian State,name: Name Име,account: Account Template Шаблон на сметка,amount: Amount Сума,childs: Children Наследници,credit_note_account: Credit Note Account Сметка на кредитно известие,description: Description Описание,end_date: Ending Date Крайна дата,group: Group Група,invoice_account: Invoice Account Сметка за фактура,legal_notice: Legal Notice,name: Name Име,parent: Parent Родител,rate: Rate Отношение,start_date: Starting Date Начална дата,type: Type Вид,update_unit_price: Update Unit Price,currency: Currency Валута,quantity: Quantity,result: Result,tax_date: Date Дата,taxes: Taxes Данъци,unit_price: Unit Price,account: Account Сметка,amount: Amount Сума,base: Base,description: Description Описание,legal_notice: Legal Notice,tax: Tax Данък
field:account.update_chart.start,account: Root Account Основна сметка,account_payable: Account Payable Разходна сметка,account_receivable: Account Receivable Приходна сметка
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