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field:ir.action,groups: Groups Gruppi
field:ir.action.act_window,groups: Groups Gruppi
field:ir.action.keyword,groups: Groups Gruppi,groups: Groups Gruppi
field:ir.action.url,groups: Groups Gruppi
field:ir.action.wizard,groups: Groups Gruppi
field:ir.export,write_groups: Modification Groups Azione - Gruppo,parent: Parent
field:res.user,avatar_badge_url: Avatar Badge URL
field:res.user,password_reset: Reset Password Reset Password
field:res.user,password_reset_expire: Reset Password Expire
field:res.user.device,cookie: Cookie
field:res.user.device,login: Login Login
field:res.user.login.attempt,device_cookie: Device Cookie
help:ir.export,groups: The user groups that can use the export.
help:ir.export,write_groups: The user groups that can modify the export.
help:ir.sequence.type,groups: Groups allowed to edit the sequences of this type. Gruppi con permesso di modifica delle sequenze di questo tipo,parent: The group to inherit accesses from.
help:res.user,actions: Actions that will be run at login. Azioni da fare al login
model:ir.action,name:act_user_config Configure Users Configure Users