Context English Estonian
field:product.category,account_cogs: Account Cost of Goods Sold Omahinna konto
field:product.category.account,account_cogs: Account Cost of Goods Sold Omahinna konto
field:stock.move,in_anglo_saxon_quantity: Input Anglo-Saxon Quantity Sisesta Anglo-Saxon kogus
field:stock.move,out_anglo_saxon_quantity: Output Anglo-Saxon Quantity Väljasta Anglo-Saxon kogus
model:ir.message,text:msg_invoice_line_stock_move_different_product The invoice line "%(line)s" is linked to stock moves of other products than "%(product)s".
This may compute a wrong COGS.
Arve rida "%(line)s" on seotud tootest "%(product)s" erineva laoliikumise reaga.
See võib arvutada vale toote omahinna.
model:ir.message,text:msg_move_quantity_greater Anglo-Saxon quantity cannot be greater than quantity. Aglo-Saxson kogus ei või olla suurem kogusest.
selection:account.fiscalyear,account_stock_method: Anglo-Saxon Anglo-Saxon